Guidelines and Requirements

Sutton Oaks


Homeowners agree that all construction plans (including plot plan, clearing plan, elevations, exterior materials and colors) must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval before any clearing, grading or construction may begin on any lot. Any proposed changes to the approved plans must also be submitted for approval. Landscape plans and plans showing fences, walls, etc. may be delayed but must be submitted prior to their construction.

Plans meeting submission criteria will be reviewed and approved, approved subject to revision or rejected within 30 days of submission or sooner.

See the Sutton Oaks Homeowner Association, Inc. Declaration of Covenants for use restrictions. In general, lots are to be used for single family homes not to exceed two stories, basement and attic (finished or unfinished), an attached or detached garage.

Residential Building Requirements

Front Setback 45’ (exceptions handled on a case by case basis)

Interior Side Setback 10’

Street Side Setback 25’

Rear Landscape Easement 30’

House to Face Street

Garages generally to be side entry and limited to three cars per exposure

Minimum Square Footage

1 Story 3000 – Upon Developer Approval

1 ½ Story 3100

2 Story 3300

Material (Typical)

Roofing Dimensional Shingles


  1. Brick, Stone, Stucco w/out water sealant finish, High Quality Wood Siding
  2. Artificial siding, concrete, composite siding must be approved
  3. Adequately detailed vinyl and aluminum trim components will be considered for boxing only
  4. All four sides should be of the same material
  5. Roof will have steep pitches and breaks. Typical pitch 8:12 to 12:12
  6. Foundation and walls should be of brick or stone, limited retaining walls will be considered if compatible with the home finish material
  7. Supports for decks should be materials to match the home exterior (brick, stone, and stucco or decorative wood posts)
  8. Areas below decks more than 18 inches off the ground should be screened with lattice unless foundation plantings are sufficient to obstruct views
  9. Exterior Chimney should be of masonry to match the home exterior, shall extend to the ground and shall be supported on a foundation
  10. Walks/Driveway should be Brick, Stone, Concrete or Pavers
  11. Lawns will be landscaped nicely with front and side yard sodding. Irrigation and lighting is encouraged.
  12. Mailboxes and front yard light posts will be pre-selected by Developer. Builder is responsible for cost and instillation. No enclosed structures will be considered.
  13. Fences and walls are permitted only behind the front line of the house and approximately 15 feet from a side street and of a non-wire material
  14. Permanent, in-ground pools are permitted in rear yard. They are generally expected to be located behind the main house with as little encroachment into side yard as practicable.
  15. Satellite Dish Antennas are permitted where they are limited to 18” dimension and must be located in rear yards and screened to Developers satisfaction, from view by surrounding properties or streets.

Note: Architectural Control Committee reserves the right to approve or disapprove plans submitted. Architectural Control Committee reserves the right to waive any standard contained herein or to require more stringent standards if, in our opinion, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the community in which the proposed improvement is located.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Sutton Oaks


  1. All job sites will be kept in a clean and orderly condition. Trash and debris is to be containerized in a Dumpster or fenced enclosed area. No materials will be stored or placed in the swales, rights-of-way, natural areas or amenity areas.
  1. Job site debris shall be removed weekly by 3:00 p.m. Thursday at a minimum. Care shall be exercised in storage of materials (and debris). Should it be necessary for Developer to clean a site or have a site cleaned, the Offending Builder will be responsible to reimburse Developer for any and all cleanup costs.
  1. No signage is permitted at any job site unless required by law or approved by the Developer. Permits shall be posted in the permit box provided with an approved builder sign. No signs are to be mounted to trees.
  1. Normal construction hours are 7 a.m. to daylight, Monday through Saturday. Developer reserves the right to amend these hours if there are neighborhood complaints.
  1. Builder shall keep a 24-hour emergency phone number of record with the Developer.
  1. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on job sites.
  1. Loud music that may be annoying to residents is prohibited.
  1. Safety fencing shall be used to mark the perimeter of the building envelope to protect trees and their root systems from vehicles, equipment and materials. Tree fencing shall be used to protect all trees within the building envelope.
  1. All persons, including construction personnel, shall drive carefully, obey the community wide 25m.p.h. speed limit, avoid parking on the roads, put up cones, and use flagmen when needed to warn of any potentially dangerous situations.
  1. Any agents, subcontractors, and employees of Builder who violate these construction site requirements may be removed and prohibited from entering Sutton Oaks by the Developer.
  1. Builder agrees that all construction plans (including plot plan, clearing plan, elevations, exterior materials and colors) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for approval before any clearing, grading or construction may begin on any lot. Any proposed changes to the approved plans must also be submitted for approval.
  1. Builder hereby agrees to be financially responsible for any and all damage to the streets, curbs, walks, trees or any other improvement caused by or arising out of the activities of Builder or the activities of Builder’s subcontractors, suppliers, representatives or agents.
  1. Streets shall be kept free of mud and debris and Developer will, after notice to the Builder, cause streets to be cleaned and will bill the Builder for any costs incurred.
  1. Builder to install devices sufficient to contain siltation immediately after clearing. A stone construction will be installed of clean ABC or surge stone (sandrock is not acceptable). Devices and stone entries are to be maintained in good order throughout the construction period.
  1. Builder hereby certifies that Builder and Builder’s agents are covered by comprehensive public liability insurance, including coverage for contractual liability, products/completed operations liability, and explosion, collapse, and underground damage liability, with a combined single limit of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) covering all losses, damages, and claims arising out of property damage, bodily injury, and death. The policy shall name Builder as the insured party and shall extend coverage to Sedgefield Development Company, LLC and all general partners, limited partners, members, employees and agents thereof, and their respective heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives. In addition, to the extent required by law, Builders shall obtain worker’s compensation insurance, employer’s liability insurance, automobile liability insurance for all motor vehicles used in connection with Builder’s activities on said Community, and builder’s risk insurance covering Builder’s activities in said Community.

(Sutton Oaks Construction Site)

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